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OUR SERVICES We provide health and social care business coaching and support in the following areas: 

1:1 Health and social care business coaching 

Structured, effective, energy-filled coaching delivered on site or on-line and tailored to your specific needs. This service is well suited to business owners, senior and service managers and team leaders working in the sector. 
Are you facing challenges with staffing levels or performance? 
Are you wishing you could delegate more effectively? 
Are you finding there is not enough time to do all that you have to do? 
Do you have to wear many hats, many of which quite fit currently? 
Do you want to feel more confident in your role by identifying other resources that will help you to do a truly great job? 
We understand the health and social care landscape, the legislation and audit processes related to health and social care and we speak your language. We understand and appreciate the challenges faced in the sector, yet we also know the joys and satisfaction derived from delivering a truly great service. 
Contact us if you want to elevate your performance and rediscover the joy in your health and social care business. 

Team health and social care business coaching 

Do you want greater alignment within your teams? 
Looking to add an effective coaching element to support greater cohesion, delegation and great outcomes that come from having teams truly on the same page? 
Want to share the joy of delivering a great service to motivate teams? 
Want better levels of staff retention and to lower your recruitment costs? 
Looking to improve engagement with training which truly translates to better service provision and greater satisfaction for clients and their families? 
Together, let’s work toward the service that’s all you know it can be. 

Business development and training workshops 

Do you want greater engagement in staff training that really translates to working practice? 
Are you looking for ways to better deliver training and to improve the effectiveness of your facilitators? 
Are you looking to maximise your return on investment and maximise impact in relation to budget? Want to focus on tendering for and gaining new business and fostering better stakeholder relationships? 
Want to sustain the business you already hold? 
Looking to expand your business but unsure of your direction, decision making or the current business landscape? 
We can support you to make these decisions confidently, based upon sound strategic thinking, allowing you to take action and to be what you know you can be in the field. 
Contact us to find out more about our training support for organisations. 

Coaching skills training for health and social care managers and team leaders 

Coaching skills practiced and utilised regularly are proven to elevate and sustain better performance. 
Evidence shows that managers who consistently incorporate coaching within team management are viewed more positively by teams. They achieve better outcomes by utilising people’s strengths and motivating teams through increased autonomy, problem solving and trust; resulting in the manager managing, and having more time and fewer demands, allowing them to focus on their role. Speak with us today about how we can help managers and team leaders instil the habit of coaching that will see your teams soar. 
Contact us to learn more about our skills support for managers and how we can help establish a lasting coaching culture within your teams. 
Contact us today to find out how we can help assist you 
with our tailored business coaching support. 
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